Gas Safety for homeowners

Gas Safe Australia’s, service is to manage the risk involved for those responsible for gas safety and smoke alarms, i.e. property managers, landlords and homeowners. Their duty of care obligations as per The Residential Tenancies ACT 1997, The Gas ACT and also appliance manufacturers’ recommendations means that a proactive approach must be followed in respect to gas safety and carbon monoxide poisoning. Commercially we approach home safety by managing risk but we sometimes forget the most important effect in managing home safety and that is to save lives and prevent injury. Especially, young lives that are particularly susceptible to carbon monoxide poisoning. Please see our NEWS page on our website for articles about Chase and Tyler Robinson who died in 2010 from a faulty heater.

GSA's vision is that every household with a gas appliance will be checked every second year at least, as well as installing a Honeywell carbon monoxide alarm to stay safe in between those checks. With you, we put together your own Home Safety Program that suits you and your landlords.
Our "One Stop Solution", the Full Gas Safety Check which includes a FREE Smoke Alarm Inspection and a FREE Installation of a Carbon Monoxide Alarm, is our most popular choice if you are looking for the best safety and cost effective package!

With our 25 years of experience and dedicated passion for gas safety, we are your preferred choice for this service! All our work is carried out by fully licensed gas fitters. Contact us for pricing and more information.